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  • mpstat (Global Average Activities by All CPUs.)
    • -P ALL : (Indicate Processor Number)
    • -I : print total number of interrupt statistics about per processor.)
    • -A = -u -I ALL -p ALL) : display all information)
  • pidstat (Process and Kernel Threads Statistics)
    • -p : non-active tasks
    • -t : display statistics of selected process
    • -rh : memory utilization of processes which are frequently varying their utilization
    • -R : realtime priority and scheduling information
  • sar (System Activity Reporter)
    • -F statistics about the mounted file systems
    • -q run queue length, total number of processes and load average
    • -n DEV network statistics
    • -d block device statistics
    • -r memory statistics
  • safd -d (Extract sar data) f.eks. /var/log/sa/sa20140903 – -n DEV | grep -v lo
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