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 +==== xorg.conf ====
 +Grunde til at skulle kunne redigere xorg.conf (fra mailinglist)
 + 1) have a tablet work;
 + 2) have a blacklisted Synaptics touchpad work;
 + 3) have some AGP graphics cards run in 4x mode instead of the default 1x mode;
 + 4) enable some extensions that were not enabled by default, like DRI2, EXA, XRANDR, or disable some that did not  oexist peacefully with some other (IIRC I once had to disable COMPOSITE in order to activate some other feature);
 + 5) have a custom ServerLayout section;
 + 6) have a working ModeLine for a mode that was not automatically detected by Xorg;
 + 7) enable the intel drivers'​ MPEG2 MC support that was disabled by default on the gpu used.
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