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 +Tilbage til [[[[boger:​start|Bøger]]\\
 +==== Forfattere og deres pseudonymer =====
 +[[http://​​content.php?​page=author&​value=11154|Brian Francis Wynne Garfield]]\\
 +[[wp>​Brian Garfield]]\\
 +Francis Wynnne\\
 +Brian Garfield\\
 +Alex Hawk (pseudonym)\\
 +John Ives (pseudonym)\\
 +Brian Wynne (pseudonym)\\
 +[[https://​​wiki/​Kjell_Hallbing|Kjell Hallbing]]\\
 +Louis Masterson (pseudonym)\\
 +Ward Cameron (pseudonym)\\
 +Leo Manning (pseudonym))\\
 +Lee Morgan (pseudonynm)\\
 +Colin Hawkins (pseudonym)\\
 +[[https://​​wiki/​Carter_Brown|Alan Geoffrey Yates]]\\
 +Carter Brown (pseudonym)\\
 +Todd Conway (pseudonym)\\
 +Paul Valdez (pseudonym)\\
 +Caroline Farr (pseudonym)\\
 +Peter Carter Brown (pseudonym)\\
 +Dennis Sinclair (pseudonym)\\
 +Sinclair MacKellar (pseudonym)\\
 +Tex Conrad (pseudonym)\\
 +Tom Conway (pseudonym)\\
 +[[https://​​wiki/​Niels_Meyn|Niels Meyn]]\\
 +Andreas Rasmussen (pseudonym)\\
 +Anne Lykke (pseudonym)\\
 +Ann Marshall (pseudonym)\\
 +Betjent Ole Ny (pseudonym)\\
 +Carl Hardner (pseudonym)\\
 +Charles Bristol (pseudonym)\\
 +Christel Marner (pseudonym)\\
 +David Gartner (pseudonym)\\
 +David Parker (pseudonym)\\
 +Dick Danner (pseudonym)\\
 +Ellinor Bell (pseudonym)\\
 +Else Jensen (pseudonym)\\
 +Erik Juul (pseudonym)\\
 +Erik Tønder (pseudonym)\\
 +George Griffith (pseudonym)\\
 +Gustav Hardner (pseudonym)\\
 +Harold Chester (pseudonym)\\
 +James Morris (pseudonym)\\
 +Jan Dorph (pseudonym)\\
 +Jan Miller (pseudonym)\\
 +Jens Munk (pseudonym)\\
 +John D. Forster (pseudonym)\\
 +John Marling (pseudonym)\\
 +Kai Lynæs (pseudonym)\\
 +Kai Lynres (pseudonym)\\
 +Kurt Danner (pseudonym)\\
 +Lili Werner (pseudonym)\\
 +Lisa Hill (pseudonym)\\
 +Mary Bright (pseudonym)\\
 +Mary Hamilton (pseudonym)\\
 +Nikolaj Møller (pseudonym)\\
 +Ole Klindt (pseudonym)\\
 +Patricia Bennett (pseudonym)\\
 +Peter Anker (pseudonym)\\
 +Phil Farwest (pseudonym)\\
 +Rex Nelson (pseudonym)\\
 +Richard H. Hill (pseudonym)\\
 +Richard M. Hill (pseudonym)\\
 +Richard Ørn (pseudonym)\\
 +Robert Sterling (pseudonym)\\
 +Ruth Parker (pseudonym)\\
 +Styrmand Rasmussen (pseudonym)\\
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